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I design brick arches and cast stone using simple geometry and AutoCAD. We cut brick shapes and then prefabricate traditional masonry arches that stand the test of time. I want to share the mathematical formulas of arch building. by Justin Wethington


By Justin Wethington, Apr 18 2016 01:54PM

Wikipedia defines a chevron as a v shape pattern. We see this in nature with Canadian geese flying overhead. In my case it has to do with architecture, in particular with a herringbone brick pattern.

This is a custom design of a firebox with a herringbone pattern. The architect wanted to replicate a slate fireplace with 1" x 6" brick shapes. The bond works out to 1/5 with a 1/4" joint. As you can see in the following picture, there is a central chevron in the back panel of the fireplace, and visually the firebox has 3 chevrons pointing up on the back panel, and 3 chevrons on the side panels.

This firebox is pleasing to the eye, but a real pain in the but for the bricklayer to layout. I hope to post some pics of the finished fireplace soon.

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